Wednesday, 12 August 2015

lunches at home

Since I'm now at home more often than not at lunch time, I am having to make my own lunch. Shock horror! No more sushi or store brought sandwiches. It's surprising how much buying lunch had become a way of life and a hard habit to break. I like cooking and I enjoy it as something to do in my spare time, but lunches, I just can't get my head around.

Usually I am so hungry and need something instantly, so fall back on the ham/cheese/tomato sandwich or egg on toast, but it's wearing thin. Last week for sides with dinner I cooked a few of the salads from the Arthur Street Kitchen book and they were perfect lunch leftovers (the one above is the pearl barley and basil salad). I need to do more things like this, it was so good and just a little bit more exciting. Does any one have any other good salad recipes? I'd like to make a few different ones to have a variety together over a few days but I worry about how they keep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

The lentil and balsamic brussel sprout salad from Community is my winter lunch go-to. It keeps really well, I just keep the mint and almonds separate and add them as I eat it.

It's also really yummy and I think pretty healthy!

Bon appetit :)

miranda said...

Community has some great salads :)

I found this post good inspiration for easy prep-ahead salads for lunch:

I also like to get ideas from places like Providore. I often go there for a mid morning coffee, see their salads and think 'I have some left over roast beetroot in the fridge, it would be very tasty like that'.

And 101 Cookbooks always has some great flavours:

Joanna said...

I used to often make something like this a lot for lunches at home and it would keep pretty well for a few days:

I often also put together the old cous cous, tuna, tomatoes (in summer), cucumber, herbs salad, or just whatever greens I've got plus tuna and an egg and some seeds. I haven't quite got the routine of it going either - such a fall back to have some toast and avocado - but I'm trying!

Alenka Pastar said...

Green beans, chickpeas, (or white bean), garlic, so e salt, oil and balsamic vinegar.
I love it.