Thursday, 22 October 2015


I'm a few days late posting this week, we have been away on holidays, which has been lovely but also tiring! I'm reluctant to say that I am happy to be home, because I love going away, but life is easier at home with a baby. I'll do a post on that later when I have some quiet time.

This weeks photograph of Elroy: he has found the bookshelf and worked out that he can pull himself up here, he is getting more confident in his movement and is very strong. I think an extra chin has been acquired in just a week, he has learnt to clap and is working out waving, he has been getting better at going to sleep without us in the room (but we still need to work on sleeping with his arms out), and has been terrible at night (only in waking up wanting feeds more frequently - hence the extra chin I think - he is always fine at getting back to sleep).

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