Saturday, 10 October 2015

Spring List

Making: nothing, I still haven't started my knitting project, I really should do that.

Cooking: easy dinners at the moment, the start of daylight savings has thrown Elroy's bed time, so quick and easy has been essential, I pulled Jamie's 30 minute meals book out again for inspiration.

Reading: some of the Vera Stanthorpe novels, we have been watching the program on abc on Sunday nights, I feel like such a Nanna saying that, but still, I mentioned it to my mum and she had read the novels years ago and lent them to me. Easy reading.

Listening to: Drake's Hotline Bling and I like the new Foals album, not a total Nanna just yet...

Thinking: how quickly time is going at the moment. I am not ready for the end of the year just yet, I would like October to last a little longer.

Wanting: some ideas I have floating around in my head to come together, something creative that I hope will work.

Playing: peek a boo! It's so much fun.

Enjoying: the lilacs in our garden (above) and around Hobart. I love how the most inconspicuous bushes come to life with them and you see them in places you don't expect.

Needing: to do some electronic spring cleaning, my email inbox is out of control, my iPhone is always out of storage (apparently full with 'other' and I have no idea how to clean it up) and I have soooo many photographs that need editing.

Wearing: sandals again - a pair from Sambag I bought at the end of last summer but my feet were so swollen I never thought would fit, but luckily they do, and a pair of funkis clogs Matt picked up for me when he was in Sydney for work a few weeks back.

Buying: I did some shopping when my mum, Elroy and I went to Melbourne the other week, COS is always good!

Getting: excited about a family holiday next week and Matt having some time off work.

Feeling: tired but happy.

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sonya said...

Love the sandals you posted! I'm in the market for new ones but didn't know where to look :) Also, have you checked out Faux Martha recipes? She has some really quick dinners!