Friday, 13 November 2015


Instagram has a lot to answer for: the death of blogs, the illusion of perfection, and the invention of the term friyay....yep, I can't stand it yet when I was thinking about what to title this post that is what came to mind. Basically I am so freaking glad it is friday. This week Elroy and I have still been battling our colds, and I found out that I am rather iron deficient, among other things, which explains why I have been so tired/flat lately. At least now I know and can work to make life easier.

This week I had plans to get to mothers goup, catch up with a friend and her baby and take Elroy to his swimming lesson and we didn't get to any of them. So I am hoping to have a sociable weekend to make up for it, with a catch up with friends this evening, a birthday party tomorrow and more friends on sunday, and hopefully a swim for me!

Also I'm hanging out for the next episode of The Beautiful Lie, I haven't read Anna Karenina (I really should) but have seen several tv and film versions and love the story, this one with an Australian twist is very enjoyable.

And my copy of Lunch Lady arrived today which was perfect timing!

Good reasons to be pleased that it is friday.

Oh also our house looks like a mess explosion has gone off, hence the blog post...procrastination at its best!

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Anonymous said...

I love loved the beautiful lie also! My Sunday nights are not the same.. Good to catch up on your blog - so many beautiful photos ! X Simone