Wednesday, 9 March 2016

first birthday party

A few photographs from Elroy's party on the weekend. I had my camera around my neck for a while but completely forgot to use it, so I hardly got any decent shots, and the only time Elroy wasn't smiling and having a ball was when we sang happy birthday and he had that look on his face! He really did enjoy it, and it was lovely to see. We had nearly fifty guests (adults and children) in the local park, and aside from carting things to and from the car it was pretty straight forward.

Well I love that sort of thing anyway, so it didn't feel too much like work for me, more an enjoyable project to work on. I made a really simple vanilla cake and used one of the Poppies for Grace fancy cake toppers, we had fruit and cheese plates, sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheese and spinach pastries, fairy bread and kiss biscuits in the shape of clouds and the letter E, homemade lemonade, and my mum made jelly oranges as a throw back to my own childhood parties (which my cousin requested - they lived up to expectations).  Matt ventured to the party section at Big W and came home with so many balloons, at my request I must add, Matt's not really into balloons! Fortunately the park has a lovely open lawn space that all the children could run around and entertain themselves in.

I think it all turned out pretty well. I had expectations of doing more, and of it looking slightly more polished and sophisticated, but I did let go of them and went with what was achievable!

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