Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Seven things: for my birthday

Today I turn 35! Wow. Scary. I can't quite believe it, didn't I only just turn 30? For some reason 35 feels like a big age, and one I'm not quite prepared for. A few years ago there was a vague plan to go to New York for this birthday, but with a 13 month old and house renovations on the horizon it's just not going to happen. And anyway I consider myself pretty lucky to have got away last week to Melbourne. I don't have any big celebrations planned, just dinner with my family and a day hanging out with Elroy. And this next year of being 35, I really want to try and make it count, to make changes about myself that I have been needing to do, to work hard and to make the most of my spare time.

Here's a few things on my birthday wish list:

1. Lucy Folk golden crust necklace 2. Castle pillowcases 3. What Went Down by Foals 4. Liberty Emma tote 5. David Shirley tea towel 6. Milk Decoration subscription 7. volcanic bowl from Lightly

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WSAKE said...

happy happy birthday to you!!!