Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Autumn List

Making: very little progress on my knitting. So, I've set myself a two week timeframe, to try and get Elroy's cardigan as close to finished as I can by then. I think it can be done. I'll report back and that can be my motivation.

Cooking: blah blah, I'm in such a funk with food and cooking. 

Reading: I borrowed Patti Smith's M Train from my mum, but to be honest, I'm really reading Paddington and the Knickerbocker Rainbow (an oldie from when I was a child) and The Tiger Who Came to Tea (on very high rotation).

Listening to: A Moon Shaped Pool. I need more time with it. It is an album that I need to listen to in solitude to get to understand better, and I don't get a whole lot of time for that. I think perhaps it is very beautiful. Also I am looking forward to listening to the new Paul Dempsey, and I rather like a few of Olympia's tracks from her new album. I saw she will be playing at Dark Mofo, so I might check it out.

Needing: a hair cut so bad, thank goodness I have an appointment this week.

Thinking: we need to book a family trip away for a weekend somewhere in Tasmania. The problem is we want to take Jerry and that makes finding a place a bit more challenging....or perhaps we are just lazy.

Wanting: to get a few jobs done at home, paint our brick fireplace white, clean the windows, make a daybed, organise more things away from climbing babies.

Enjoying: the fact that the days are still so warm, it's been a bit strange but so good.

Watching: I watched outlander season one... yep, I went there. Also I do like James Cordon's carpool karaoke for a bit of a laugh. 

Buying: trying to be good, but I'm never great at that (see previous post re castle cushion).

Anticipating: another change in our week as I add another work day in a few weeks time. It has been difficult from a work perspective only having the two days, but I feel very sad to lose the day with Elroy. 

Feeling: quietly optimistic about a builder I met with the other week. We have all our approvals, now we just need a builder, which has proven to be very difficult as they are all so busy right now.

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amy v / over&under said...

You sound busy! We've also been enjoying warmer days in Auckland. I don't mind cooler weather, as long as it doesn't rain! I've also been wanting to paint our brick fireplace white for over a year but am too chicken to pull the trigger. Would love to see how great yours turns out