Wednesday, 4 May 2016

rachel castle cushion

Ok so there are three things I'm a sucker for; socks (mostly Obus and Gorman), tea towels (not to use but to sit in my cupboard until a time when I can display them tnicely in my dream kitchen), and pillow cases. I used to be terrible with cushions as well, but I let that one go and we have lived with the same cushions in our living room for the last few years. But now, now I have found the most perfect cushion and I am dying to get it. Sad but true. So this castle pillow is velvet, and it's boxy and it's the most beautiful butterscotch colour. All the heart eyes for this one. Too bad it came out only a week after my birthday.

Also the grey walls in this shot, I'm so taken with it right now and I'm thinking it will go in our new kitchen.

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