Monday, 6 June 2016


As always, I never intend to neglect the blog, but when life gets busy it happens all too easily. We had a good week of sickness not that long ago (which involved three visits from the after hours doctor, two trips to the emergency room, and several other doctor visits), we spread it out over the three of us and it was miserable, but I'm pleased to say that in the end it was all fine. Last week we had a serious cold snap and my motivation was just non-existent. This weekend has been good, and I think we are back on track. Matt and I even managed to get out for dinner on a Saturday night!

Here are a few random things:

I finished knitting Elroy's cardigan, pretty sure that was within my deadline? It is with my mum at the moment for sewing,  because I am really crap at sewing. I will share some photographs because I feel quite chuffed even though it is not perfect.

Matt informed me that City Calm Down are touring in September and I'm excited to see a new-to-me band, their cover of Spanish Sahara is so so good. Speaking of new music, Frankie Sinatra!! Cannot wait to hear the album, I think we will have a listening party with our friends, because Since I Left You was the album of the summer between year 12 and uni, and I can't believe that was 16 years ago and now we all have children.

Issue 3 of the Lunch Lady mag arrived and it just keeps getting better.

I want to go and see this film.

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