Friday, 8 July 2016


Mentally I've been using the excuse of lack of good light not to take photographs. But then I realised, that at this time of year there is a window of maybe two hours in the middle of the day (when the sun is out) where it is actually rather lovely at home. I am going to try to push myself to take more pictures around the house, and out and about that are not just of Elroy, because I know it's the only way I am going to improve. (The above pics are from a few weeks back when it was Matt's birthday and Elroy had fun decorating for him).

How is it friday already!! This weekend we will be celebrating the new avalanches album with friends and good food (a nice excuse to catch up and listen to music like we used to), getting my craft on for my cousins 13th birthday present, trying out finger painting with Elroy and maybe getting some quiet me time in!

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