Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Elroy at 18 months! It's funny how time can go so quickly, and yet it does feel like he has been our boy for so much longer. At 18 months Elroy is well and truely his own self, he knows what he wants and what he doesn't. He loves being outside, the hose (he always makes a sssshhh noise), riding his bike, running, picking 'fwowers' - flowers, the slide, swimming lessons, books, listening to wekords - records or music, is completely taken with Lah Lah (and that was his first concert on the weekend), he will dance and has devised multiple 'tummow' which is a trombone/trumpet one from duplo blocks, the other is a balloon pump, and will pretend to play them (I have no real idea where that has come from but it is very sweet), reading books, he is great with words, says 'daddy gone' or 'daddy bike' a million times a day, loves fruit and 'yukurt' and 'aig' egg. Still asks for 'cah-gles' and makes my heart melt when I get a stream of 'mummy, mummy, mummy'. He is a good sleeper, and will sleep for nearly three hours in the afternoon, and sleeps through the night, although he is an early bird (5am, is still way to early for me, but at least it's not every day). He can get frustrated and make it hard to strap him in the car or pram sometimes, is becoming slightly fussier with food, and can be rather demanding when he really wants something. He is so confident at home and in environments he knows, but is also cautious and will hold back on occasions. He loves people and always tries to engage them with a smile. He's a happy and lovely boy.

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