Wednesday, 7 September 2016

house inspiration

I have written a bit here about us planning our renovation, but haven't really gone into any detail about it. So I thought I'd share some of my inspiration and a little about what we are doing. Our house is a 1940's brick house, and it still has many of its original features, a copper in the laundry, a very basic kitchen with narrow benches and very little built in storage throughout. It is split level, as we are on a hill, so there are bedrooms and a bathroom on the lower level (and so is the lovely view) and kitchen, living, master bedroom and toilet and laundry on the higher level.

Our plan is to move the kitchen and living space to the lower level, with an extension to give us more space, and have all the bedrooms together with the bathroom on the higher level. Basically the whole house is being turned upside down, our bedroom is the only room that will stay in the same place. It's going to be a big job, and it is exciting and daunting at the same time. Style-wise I am definitely leaning towards rather neutral colours, light grey, white, light timbers, simple tiles. The extension will feature skylights and a big picture window to capture the view. I hope we can start before the end of this year, but I know it is going to a long road to the finish.

bookshelf via the Design Files / kitchen shelf via Country Road
picture window via Apartment Therapy / cupboards via Ikea
bathroom via Inside Out / kitchen via Desire to Inspire

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michaelmaloney said...

I don't like the idea of open storage solutions like that shelf, although fully loaded up it can be quite visually exciting. I just think of all the dust that will collect there and go Hell No!