Thursday, 29 September 2016

last weekend

I am so behind with blogging at the moment, so many posts I've written in my head and not got around to doing. I figured I'd better post these pictures before the next weekend is upon us! Last weekend we played tourists at home, and by that I mean we took it easy, and did a lot of things we'd usually do on holiday. We went to the beach and as I mentioned Jerry and Elroy ran around like crazies and had a wonderful time, then in the evening we cooked fresh Tasmanian scallops for dinner and treated ourselves to a bottle of sparking. On Sunday we enjoyed a nice long walk together in the morning, then after Elroy's nap visited GASP! (which was pretty cool, and we'd never visited before because we always plan walks with Jerry and dogs aren't allowed there) before having dinner at Local Pizza (so good!).  I'm hoping for a few more weekends like this because they do feel like a better break, I'm trying to get chores done during the week so we can relax and enjoying being together. It makes everyone happier.

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