Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I know I haven't posted for quite a while (other than the 52 posts), the last month has been so incredibly busy. We have had a lot going on, concerts (we saw City Calm Down and this last weekend Paul Dempsey - both so very good), a weekend away in the north of Tasmania, catch ups with friends, busy weekends with early mornings, and I am still getting used to my new job. 

I am really so very tired and running low on energy. I have been trying to get to bed early when I can, fitting in lots of walks, running at the gym again (my exercise regime has been completely neglected over winter as I've had lots of lower back issues) and trying to be more positive and just get things done. But on the flip side though, it's all too easy on my days home with Elroy to sit in the sun and take a break while he sleeps, to watch Netflix, read a book or magazine, or worst of all waste the time on the internet. I wish I could break that habit, but I just feel tired and lazy. 

Fortunately I am taking a week off work in October and I can't wait, hopefully that will give me some time to catch up, and progress some of the rather long to do list I have set for myself. I'll have a few days home on my own while Elroy is at daycare which feels like a luxury. I feel that it is very hard to balance work, parenting and my own personal needs. It is definitely something I need to work on and make sure to do. I feel like I'm letting myself down a bit at the moment.

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