Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Spring list

Thinking: far too much lately, I need to let go of things a little bit.
Making: a screen print for Elroy's room, well I've made plans to make one... just have to actually do it!
Eating: nothing exciting or different but I recently purchased Neighborhood and I plan to try quite a few recipes from that, I also think I might get Molly on the Range as it looks beautiful and inspiring.
Playing: Paul Dempsey's Strange Loop after seeing him a few weeks ago, also we have been listening to the Play School Famous Friends album with Elroy and I've enjoyed it too (there's a funny Molly Meldrum joke in there)
Wanting: new shoes, a casual pair for walking the dog and wearing to the park and shop but I don't seem to be able to find the right thing.
Hoping: we start to get some warmer sunnier days, we've had hints but nothing for more than a day or two - there's currently snow on the mountain!!
Enjoying: running again, my exercise routine since Elroy was born has been sporadic, and while I walk a lot it's just not enough. I've been trying to build it up slowly as I have lower back problems, but so far so good.
Anticipating: the count down to the end of the year, how is it almost November already.
Liking: French movies on sbs on demand
Planning: a few day trips over the next few weekends to break the routine
Reading: mostly magazines at the moment, I need a new book.
Looking: for a wooden tea set for Elroy, that is simple and plain and not pink.
Deciding: on fittings and flooring for our house.
Loving: the light at this time of year, the change in angle means we get that much more in our house during the day.
Wishing: for new castle pillowcases (just for something different!!) and the bedding too.....
Planning: Christmas gift lists, there was talk of it at work and some people are done already, I figured I should think about it.
Noticing: that I really feel like writing here more, but I just don't know where to start.

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