Friday, 27 January 2017


My brain is so confused about what day it is, yesterday felt like a sunday (being the Australia day public holiday) and yet tomorrow is the weekend. I'm not complaining though! We spent most of the day hanging out at home, but in the afternoon visited friends, ate amazing home-made pizza, drank French champagne and listened to the hottest 100. I'd say that is pretty good way to spend a public holiday.

This week the builders finished digging out the footings for our extension (the digger was supposed to do it, but on the day the driver baulked and said it was too steep) and the concrete truck came and filled the holes. It's sort of exciting. Next week they will start the framing. We need to go and look at carpets and flooring options, but I don't think that's a job for this weekend. Instead we might go to the beach and take it easy, the weather is supposed to be good and I think we should soak it up before it's gone.

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