Saturday, 18 February 2017

the last two weeks

Why a massive balloon banner saying congrats (and yes I know the s is backwards!) you may ask. Two weeks ago Matt finished up at the place he has been working for for the last 12 years, he's moving on to something new and hopefully fulfilling for him. A new challenge is good. So the last two weeks have been a break before starting the new job. 

I took full advantage and had a little break all on my own in Melbourne for three whole days. I visited the David Hockney exhibition, which was quite beautiful and so inspiring. He really is an incredible artist and his skill with a new medium (the iPhone/iPad) is impressive. The colours were so vibrant and the print quality is great. So, can you tell I loved it? I had intended on doing a few tram trips out of the city but the sweltering heat (37 celcius) discouraged that. I did head out to Guild of Objects and Beatrix Bakes in North Melbourne, had lunch at Rustica Canteen, dinner at the Flowerdrum with my parents (who were also in Melbourne at the same time), the obligatory breakfast at the European (Melbourne really is all about the food) and too much wandering in the air conditioned shopping centres. 

At home we visited the Wooden Boat festival, the beach, have been out for lunch, and all the while the builders have been working away. We are starting to get a good idea of what our extended space will be like, and the views are going to be so good, decisions about external colours have been made, and I think so far so good.

Next week is back to our regular routine, and hopefully some time for me to catch up with a few posts here!

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