Saturday, 18 March 2017

catching up

I didn't mean to stop blogging, but the last two weeks have been rather busy and intense!! We celebrated Elroy's birthday party and his actual birthday, the brick wall between the existing house and the extension came down (as did the ceiling - leaving our old bathroom stranded in the middle of the new kitchen/living space - it looks so strange), we discussed the new kitchen with the joiner, made a lot of big decisions, Elroy was sick with a virus, and we have been staying with my parents. Life doesn't feel normal, but it is exciting - maybe? Fortunately time feels like it is flying at the moment and we are (perhaps) halfway through it already. 

We are having a quiet weekend this weekend, a 2nd birthday party to attend, perhaps the beach tomorrow to make the most of the amazing weather we have been having, Sonya has inspired me to bake an apple pie and I am sticking to my reading plan and am up to book number three for the year. 


Small Catalogue said...

Would love to see how your apple pie turns out :)

sonya said...

I hope Elroy is on the mend! Happy pie making :)

harada57 said...