Wednesday, 1 March 2017

seven things: for a second birthday

This weekend we are having a birthday party for Elroy and at the end of next week he will be two!! On the one hand this is a bit sad, my baby is growing up so fast, but on the other it feels exciting and I am excited for him. He loves singing happy birthday, and understands birthday cakes and candles and parties, it will be nice for him to experience his own party. So in the midst of thinking about the house - new kitchen, carpets, floorboards and being busy at work, I have been planning his party. Basically I'm doing a re-hash of last years because it seemed to work well, and because I don't quite have the brain space to do anything different. Hopefully I will get more photographs this year.

We are trying to keep his birthday presents simple, it isn't that long since christmas, and we are going to be living through chaos over the next few months. Here is what's on our list:

1) Hunter boots - to splash in puddles and
2) a book to read afterwards Alfie's Feet by Shirley Hughes
3) Schleich dinosaur - because Elroy loves dinosaurs
4) Bobo Choses t-shirt - because the whole current collection is amazing and this t-shirt is super cute!
5)  Friends by Eric Carle - I love his illustrations and stories and Elroy does too
6) Make a Face puzzle - how much fun does this look
7) tiger - to add to his collection

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