Saturday, 22 April 2017

52 catch up (40, 41 and 42)

I'm so many weeks behind with this catch up. Fortunately I have been taking the photographs! Apologies for the flood of photographs.

Elroy's second birthday. I don't know why but it felt like Elroy was two before he had his birthday. I know that sounds crazy, but I guess because he is so confident and articulate it felt as if he had already moved on from his babyhood. He had the best birthday party and ran himself ragged at the park. On his actual birthday, he was a bit moody and grumpy, I took him to the beach and he refused to go anywhere near the water, but he did enjoy his birthday dinner and second cake that night. Sadly I didn't really get any good photographs.

Probably the last picture from our old living room, before it was demolished. Elroy running around like a nut with his dinosaur hand puppet he was given for his birthday. Those little feet do really still make a noise when they go, and the squeals of delight.

Watching tv and grandma's and laying about like a layabout. He watched far more tv than I would like when we were staying there, mostly because the house is big and not completely child proof and it was difficult for me to have a shower and keep him otherwise entertained. He also became pretty keen on playing with playdough, although someone usually had to play with him. I think he took a while to adjust to staying somewhere else and not be at home. We didn't take him to the house too much because we were a bit concerned that seeing the place in such a state might have a negative effect on him. Of course it is hard to know, but he was a bit unsettled.

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