Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ten Things

OK so I have been writing this blog for a few weeks and I felt it was time I told you a little bit about myself, well ten things to be precise!

~I have a law degree which I don't use, I spent five long years at university studying law and at the end of it decided that it wasn't quite me. Perhaps I
will at some later stage I am not sure, but for now I am still trying to decide.

~I only just got my drivers licence this year, yes after having my learners for 10 years I actually went for the test and passed. This is not because I am a particularly bad driver, really I have never needed to, I live 20 minutes walk from the centre of Hobart and 15 minutes walk from the uni so it wasn't really necessary. But now I have it I love the freedom!

~My favourites flavours are basil and lemon, and that would go scent wise also! They are so fresh and clean. I love cooking with these flavours!

~I bite my nails (very bad!) I go through stages though sometimes I do sometimes I don't. So I wear nail polish a lot!

~One of my favourite things is going to concerts and festivals, growing up my family is in the music industry (production, lights, sound that sort of thing) so it's in the blood. My first concert was some folk festival as a baby and the last one was a festival here with Gomez, Xavier Rudd, Ben Kweller and the Pixies among others.

~I don't really watch tv at all, I have it on but I rarely actually pay much attention to anything. Although Scrubs makes me laugh a lot.

~I am terrible at sewing but would love to know how to. My hand stitching has improved somewhat over the past year but I am yet to attempt a sewing machine. One day hopefully! (this goes for painting also)

~ I have a love/hate relationship with Hobart. Hate it because it is so small and isolated and parochial, terrible for shopping and jobs. But then whenever I come back from Melbourne (as it tends to be) or wherever I realise that it is a very beautiful place with fantastic wilderness and it's clean and safe and well home and my family and boyfriend are here.

~I am a bit of a night owl at the moment. I seem to be far more alert and creative at night and generally pretty late at night. I am not a huge one for sleeping in however, I like to be doing things.

~I love cooking and at the moment cooking new dishes with RD, it has been a lot of fun especially with a vodka or two!
Wow that was long!
Hope you enjoyed, I'd love for you to introduce yourself if you have been reading my blog!
Catherine xx

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