Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Work In Progress

Well I have been thinking about some new ideas for cards for a little while now and tonight have finally put them together in my journal. I have been working with paper cut outs, something which I really enjoy.
I love the intricacy of cutting out the smaller pieces and layering them with different colours to produce something quite simple.
I guess to me cut outs are not dissimilar to collages, something I worked with a lot a few years ago, and I recently saw some of Henri Matisse's cut outs in this which are so amazing.
I love the way he could make somthing so beautiful with a simple piece of coloured paper.
Oh by the way please excuse the bad photographs, I might take some another time in better light to show you.


missv said...

Lovely! I remember seeing a Matisse exhibition at the NGV many years ago and really liking his paper cut outs.

Catherine said...

Thank you. It would have been great seeing an exhibition of his I really love his work.

paula said...


I like your blog! Good for you for getting took me a while to really commit to the idea of putting my thoughts and photos online.

The paper cutouts are lovely and Matisse is a fabulous inspiration. :)

marta said...

BEAUTIFUL CUT OUTS..ooh goodie another fabulous blog to peruse. i like your style. keep up the fancy work.