Friday, 20 July 2007


Hi there,

I am so pleased that it is friday and I have a day off. It has been such a crazy hectic week and now I can just sit back and enjoy it. The weather is very cold and grey here and it's the perfect excuse to sit and finally do some organising of all my paper and pens and various other bits and pieces I have had stacked in a pile waiting for a new home. In Melbourne I went to Smiggle and purchased some really good folders and boxes, so I have no excuses now.
I promised some Melbourne pictures and in retrospect I really did not take that many. I guess when you wander by yourself it's not so easy (or when it's pouring with rain), but here are a few, including some of the little things I found.

I hope you all have a great friday!

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Sarah said...

I love Smiggle! Oh I can't wait until I go...