Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Gloaming

I am sitting here and there is the most fantastic winter light coming through my window. It's twilight, or the gloaming, I love that word so much. It is very calming really and so bewitching, I have been sitting back and watching the light through the trees and behind the hills. Such a lovely way to watch the world and appreciate the greatness of it all, and after being in a big city earlier this week, know again why I choose to live here. Because it is so beautiful and unique.
I am finally starting to feel a bit more energised again, I have felt a little flat and tired and now I am feeling more like myself. Ready to create some new work and be inspired.
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Please excuse my ramblings.



gracia said...

"The gloaming"... I had not heard that before. What a fabulous term for a favourite time of day.
take care, grache

Sarah said...

I have never heard it called that before either! I love this time of day though.
Have you heard of fog being called 'the white lady'? It kind of freaks me out!

belleandboo said...

This is a beautiful photograph, it made me feel all wintery & cosy, I'm off to make some hot chocolate!

ali said...

It's a fantastic word! And a fantastic time of day. I'm glad you reveled in it for a bit.