Monday, 23 July 2007

Note Books

I am currently making some memo/note books by hand. I have made them a few times in the past, at school (a long time ago!) we learnt the process of folding the paper, sewing them together and making covers and putting it all together. I hope to eventually open my etsy shop and sell them. It's time consuming but good for winter nights and I have so many ideas about covers and designs.
I love hand made books I think they are so special, in particular I love Bookbinders Design note books. I have a few of them, one I use as a recipe book to write all my favourites in, the other is my personal journal. I love the colours and the patterns on the inside sleaves. I doubt mine will turn out as professional but I can give it a try.


Heather Moore said...

Hi Catherine
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and it's great to find yours too. I don't think I've "met" a Tasmanian blogger before!

Sarah said...

Me too! My book binding course starts again on Thursday and I pla on making lots of notebooks for Christmas presents. I hope anyway!

lusummers said...

hello catherine, thanks for your comment, i really appreciate it. i'm addicted to notebooks, i had a go at making my own too, but they were a disaster (not enough patience) so i'm afraid i cheat and buy sketchbooks and cover them with original collages. my plan is to open up an etsy shop too! your books look so yummy in the pic, i just want them all!

michelle said...

Ohh, good luck and post your pictures when you are done, you are right, making books is a very special craft.

Robin said...

I love how those books look! I hope you open your shop and sell them!