Wednesday, 25 July 2007


It's been a really cruisey week this week and I'm enjoying it! No pressure, no stresses just quiet days and enjoyable evenings. Today it was a balmy (rd's word) 17 degrees celcius! (That's 63 degrees fahrenheit) quite amazing for this time of year.... err isn't it supposed to be winter?!
I have been a little slack with doing anything much creative, but instead cooked some dinner from this book by the fantastic Bill Granger. He has such simple recipes based on fresh everyday ingredients. A few years ago rd and I went to one of his restaurants while in Sydney, and it was such a special night, and as we are planning to go back to Sydney in October this is definitely back on the must visit list.
At the moment I am thinking a lot about affordable art, particularly after seeing Victoria's from sfgirlbybay arrangement. It's perfect! I have a small collection but I am yet to frame most of them. Today I started with a frame for one of my Sugarloop gocco prints, and I am so happy with the result. One down hopefully many more to come.


Sarah said...

Yesterday it was 19 degress here! It felt so much like spring. Except that I was stuck in the office. Boo.
I have yet to buy a sugarloop print but I love how yours looks framed. I shall have to order one quick smart.

miguette said...

I LOVE Sugarloop! That print is fantastic.

michelle said...

So glad you love Sugar Loop too! I have two prints and i just love them. Yours looks great in that frame btw.