Monday, 2 July 2007

Soup, Soul and Success!

Ahh monday not a huge fan of mondays! I had a lovely semi-quiet weekend. We went to watch some local football which was a bit of fun, made some fantastic winter veggie soup with the brilliant idea of putting some basil pesto on the top to serve (mmmm), and listened to a lot of Sharon Jones who is a totally amazing soul singer and puts you in such a great mood!
I finally had some success with Gocco prints (well I am very pleased with them), I have had a few failed attempts with screens not fully exposing my designs, and was a little frustrated. I have only had my Gocco for a little while and now I am on track and very excited about the process and possibilities! I will share them sometime soon I promise.
Along with doing some printing I had a bit of a go at painting with gouache, I have never worked with it before and rather liked it. My painting skills aren't great at all and I didn't do anything complicated but I wanted something bold and graphic. Anyway it was just relaxing to sit and be absorbed working on it.


Katie said...

The veggie soup with basil pesto sounds divine! I read your postings about yourself -- of course, I want to know more about lemon and basil -- what is your favorite lemon recipe? I love love love lemon squares!

Catherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a great lemon squares recipe also, wonder if they are similar, I loooove lemon meringue pie! And of course just your general lemon pudding, really I could go on!

cutpaperflowers said...

I went through the same emotions with my gocco. I had issues with burning the screens, too much, too little and finally just about right. And those carbon copies, how many times (in error) did I try to burn the non carbon copy. And all those test prints, what do you do with them? My experiments produced so much waste, I promised not to print until I had a definite plan.

Catherine said...

I had a fair bit of waste also, i think i had three screens that just weren't up to scratch disapointing because it is expensive and you have expectations. Hopefully now I am on the right track and no more waste : )