Sunday, 12 August 2007

Bye Bye Weekend

Oh bye bye weekend, I enjoyed you so much, especially:

- A bike ride with rd along the river in Hobart and then out through the old industrial part of town, it's so amazing living in the same place your whole life and then seeing it in a completely new way. Bike riding is definitely in for spring and summer!
- Watching The Illusionist, which was fantastic and some Northern Exposure. I love all the little things that go on in each episode, we watched one about the Aurora Borealis and everyone having dreams belonging to someone else, and another about learning to be quiet and listening to the world and what it has to tell you. This while eating m&m's and later cooking a yum-oh prawn and fish thai green curry, paste made from scratch of course.
- Sleeping in : ) always a good thing
- Sitting outside in the fresh air with the little grey purry thing, with the beautiful Mount Wellington in the background
- Visiting my favourite shop and feeling so tempted by an old milk glass compote, mmm might have to go back and get it...

Now I am off to a warm bed and some Rove.
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
Catherine xx


ali said...

You weekend sounds delightful. I love sleeping in, too. :)

michelle said...

So glad you had a nice weekend...sounds like it was wonderful.