Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tuesdays Thoughts

Hi there,

I am feeling a little frustrated right now. You know sometimes when you are waiting for things to happen and they seem to just move at snail pace. I'm in a funny little lull right now, waiting to finish my current job and hopefully getting some time off before my new job. Feeling excited about the changes that are going to happen but also a little anxious at the same time. I'm finding it hard to just be still and let my mind rest and relax.
I have been spending a little time on flickr of late, just letting it take me where it will. I love that one photo often leads to another, it's like a little maze.
Here are some of my favourites, click here for the details:

Time to start some new crafty efforts I think, I have some ideas brewing.
Catherine xx


LauraB said...

I totally understand what you're going through. I try to tell myself that that anxiety before the change is part of the excitement of starting something new. Good thinking to get crafty, it'll help you wind down!

Sarah said...

Oh I know what you mean as well! And that's why blogging is good, because we are all each other's cheerleaders. Pretty pretty flickr photos.

Tips Of All Sorts said...

Hi Catherine, I know how it feels to be experiencing frustration and anticipation at the same time during this period of moving from one job to another. I think spending some time on your craft projects will be a good distraction. :-)

I love your selection of flickr shots!

Your back2school swap partner,
(and I can't wait!)

michelle said...

HA, I know exactly how you feel, I feel like I am just waiting to move, next week! but I also don't want to...