Friday, 17 August 2007

Late Breakfast, Early Lunch

Yes a quiet day today.
Made myself some scrambled eggs and tea.
Very peaceful. My mind is much calmer now after my anxieties earlier this week, and things are falling into place.
The weekend is upon us and I have ideas.
Crafty ideas. Show and tell to come soon.
In the meanwhile I am excited about a few things:

this, early but looking promising
love my own one of these
Finally who could resist them they are so cool! My currrent ones are pretty dead and these would do perfectly!

Happy friday everyone!


LauraB said...

Glad things are calming down for you. Have a great weekend. That bike you linked to looks great! I've been thinking about getting a bike myself.

shari said...

a quiet morning of scrambled eggs and tea. sounds delightful. have a good weekend.

belleandboo said...

mmmmmm your scrambled egg has just made me really hungry, have a lovely weekend.
Mandy :)