Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sunday Road Trip

Today felt very much like spring is on it's way. A gorgeous day, blue skies and warm sun. We went to the beach for a long walk this afternoon, we are so fortunate here to have some very beautiful beaches not for from the city. Listening to some suitable spring tunes we hit the road with windows down (ok one down a little) and sunnies on, via the nursery for strawberry plants and a meeting with a very friendly cockatoo who said hello and then wanted a rub on the back of the head. We obliged and he seemed very pleased.
The beach was just stunning, the light was beautiful and golden, and felt special, I think more so beacause it is still too cold for lots of visitors. Lots of shells to collect, and big crashing waves to run away from.
I am a little tired and sleepy now, but in that great way when you've had plenty of fresh air.
I hope everyone else out there had a good one too.


Robin said...

You're so lucky to have beaches. I am obsessed with collecting shells every time I get to go to the beach (which is not very often). Pretty pictures!

Sarah said...

Looks like a picture perfect weekend! I like rd's hat

Sarah said...

I forgot to ask - did you get Klaxons tickets?

Catherine said...

Yes that poor hat, it's nearly dead with a hole in the top, but it's so him.
Yeah we got Klaxons tickets, I am soooo excited, I hope you got some too! They are going to be great fun!

marta said...

just love these seashells. so beautiful. lovely pictures, i feel like i can smell the salty waves.