Thursday, 30 August 2007

A Little Reading

Today has been a bit of a lazy day, but there have been some lovely highlights. The very kind Liss of Daydream Lily wrote a lovely post mentioning me, and talking about why we blog and how great it can be when you find people you really relate to and with situations similar to your own. Something I really strongly agree with and find it so wonderful to be included in a post about.

Then I discovered that they have made this book into a film, Atonement is a moving and emotive story, which I have read several times now and is a book that stays in my mind. I am so pleased about the actors chosen to play the characters, somtimes with books I love that are then made into films I just can't watch because of the actors chosen, but this time it's perfect to me. So now it's a long wait till Boxing Day!

I have read quite a few Ian McEwan books now and I really like his writing style, and they have all had quite different and unusual plots. These days it is hard to find time to sit and read a book, especially because I become so absorbed by it and just have to be left alone till it's finished. Then come out at the end feeling a little disjointed with reality (a good feeling). I really should make a more concerted effort to read because it really is one of the best things in the world to be taken to a different place.

Photo is of some work in progress.


ali said...

I can wait for more than just a glimpse at this work-in-progress! Looks like fun.

ali said...

Oh no. That was supposed to say "Can't." As in "can not."


Liss said...

Helloooo, thank you so much for this linky love :-)

I think my post turned out to be more popular then I expected. I even got a really nice comment from my brother Jono.

I just noticed you started your blog around the same time as me....aaah yet another similarity.

Liss xox