Monday, 17 September 2007


Hi there,

I have a severe case of monday-itis today, it's been a long slow day, and to be honest I am very glad it is almost done with. Bring on a better tuesday. It's not all bad really, the little grey kitten up the tree makes me smile, being a little sticky beak and needing to know everything that is going on in his backyard. I made some experimental banana and date muffins and they turned out pretty good, and my tickets to see Klaxons in october turned up, after a little hiccup with Ticketek (very frustrating) but now it's happening and I can't wait. Have a great week out there.
Catherine xx

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LauraB said...

Ha, I read your title as "Monday it 'tis" and thought you were feeling cheery about it. Yeah, I'm all for Tuesday too.