Tuesday, 18 September 2007


I have been tagged by the lovely Anna of Hey Bubbles.
This is my first tagging, the rules as everyone knows: 8 facts/habits about yourself.
ok here goes...

1. While I love music so very much I have absolutely no musical skills whatsoever.
When I was younger at school we would all play little xylophones and I would always end up taking bars off I didn't need, to make it as easy as possible....I had no hope with a recorder. My parents did get me a harmonica when I was little, that must have been a nightmare for them.

2. I have recently started writing all my thoughts on little sticky post it notes, and now have a growing pile, I do intend to write them in my journal or blog about them but I never seem to find the time

3. I am allergic to cats and horses. With Angus I pretty much decided I wasn't going to be allergic and for some reason I'm not, but get a terrible reaction with other cats. I feel sad about horses, they are so beautiful.

4. My all time favourite books are the Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo both by Alexandre Dumas, I like the adventure of these books, and the characters are so well written.

5. I have a thing for Swatch watches, I think I have had mmm six oh no maybe seven of them over the years since I was a child. I have had a pop swatch, a nice big chrono, several originals, and a scuba. I lost the chrono, it was my favourite, I am still looking out for my next Swatch watch.

6. I get crazy excited about Christmas decoration, I am not big on any other part of Christmas, but the decoration and the tree that is the best.

7. Two of the best gifts I have ever been given are boxes. The first was an aluminium box by a Tasmanian artist called Patrick Hall when I turned 18, it has a painting of a sheep called Haymish on the top, inside is a quote about his dilemma of wanting to be an individual but still wanting a sense of belonging. The second is a wooden box made from Tasmanian myrtle that rd made himself, it's beautiful and was made with love and inside is a shell bracelet collected and also made by rd.

8. Today I had my lunch in the park near work and had a not-so-great roll, it had gherkin in it which I don't like so threw for the seagulls to finish off.....you know what they wouldn't eat it either! Does anyone!

Now to pass this on, I don't think I can pick 8 people so how about: Laurab, Liss , MissK, Robin and Sarah


LauraB said...

Hey Catherine, thanks for tagging me! I will think about doing it, but I was tagged twice not so long ago :)

I'm not sure what gherkin is, like pickles? Funny the gulls wouldn't eat it! I have the same situation with my cat, it's the only one I'm not allergic to. Maybe there's some science there...

Liss said...

Hey, ill do it....its good timming because another girl tagged me and i hadn't got around to doing it. So i will have to now!

im not musical either....but i LOVE music. And by the looks of it similar stuff to you...my favourites are Xavier Rudd, Feist, Modest Mouse, Frou Frou...oh and lots others.

Do you have some pics of your favourite boxes? they sound really nice.

MissK said...

This is my first tag so i will gladly it.

michelle said...

Wow, cats AND horses, crazy. I am very allergic to cats though, I can't breath and my skin gets covered in a rash, no matter how much i try to overcome it with happy thoughts...bummer.

Robin said...

I just got your CD in the mail, I'm listening to it right now and it's so great! Also, thanks for the chocolate treat - that was so fun!

I adore your shoes in this photo!

I will be happy to do the tag. I love doing them. I did one like this a few months ago but I'm sure I can think of some more random facts to do it again! It was fun to learn a little more about you from this tag.

Tips Of All Sorts said...

I was once crazy over my Swatch watch and its protector, and I would not even take it off my wrist, even to sleep. :-)

Robin said...

Holy cow, I just have to say, "Vibrations in Air" is the coolest song I have heard in a long time. I have been listening to it over and over. I love this guy, never heard of him before. It doesn't look like you can even get his stuff in the states without paying a million dollars! Thanks so much for putting that song on your mix.