Sunday, 23 September 2007

This Weekend

Hey there,

well it has been a strange surreal weekend for me, and for a lot of Hobartians as well. Our one and only department store, an old building right in the centre of town burnt to the ground. We could see the giant flames and orange fireball from home, it was the most surreal moment. Living in such a small place, the effect this will have is pretty major, and just really very sad. So it has been an odd weekend, where you walk around and every now and then think about it and feel a bit shocked.

Besides that I did have a lovely day today, rd and I went for a super-great bike ride in the sunshine, wonderful to be out in the fresh air and getting some exercise. I have been a little tired and unwell this past week, so I am really looking forward to feeling better and getting a few crafty things done this week.
Hope everyone out there had a lovely weekend.
Catherine x


zoesquid said...

Hi Catherine,
I was shocked to see the hobart myer burning on the news last night. It was such a historical building - very sad indeed. Glad to hear the rest of your weekend was brighter.

Linny T said...

It's so sad about the myer building. So much history gone so quickly. Very nice blog btw.

Robin said...

I'm sorry to hear about the fire, I hope no one got hurt. That would be such a tragic thing!

Thank you so much for your offer to copy that CD for me, that's so nice of you! I would like to do one for you - if you'd like the full album of one of the artists on the mix I made, let me know and I'll copy it for you.