Tuesday, 25 September 2007

A Little TV and Some Laughs

Hey there,

Hope your week is going well, mine has been going surprisingly fast. Finally I am starting to get into a rhythm at work and know what on earth I am supposed to be doing, it has been quite daunting. So a quiet night to relax tonight and have a bit of me time. Turning on the tv I was so excited to find that Red Dwarf was being replayed, I absolutely love this show, it makes me laugh a lot, just the crazy antics they get up to and the fantastic little one-liners, it's very clever. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it, leaving me with a big smile.

I do intend to get some drawing done, but slightly lacking the urge, it's a little difficult and not the way I want to feel. I did come across this print on Three Potato Four, which is a fantastic shop and has a lot of goodies I am sure I couldn't live without! I like the colours in this print

ok I am off to watch some live Feist!
Catherine xx


michelle said...

OOh, so jeluzzz, live Feist...how fun. Love the print.

Liss said...

live Feist??? I love Feist...do you have her DVD?

Catherine said...

Hi Liss,

Feist was live on ABC2 last night, it was great a little different to what i thought. They usually repeat them a few times, sunday mornings i think?

clara said...

I agree, ThreePotatoFour has such great stuff!