Thursday, 27 September 2007

There's a Hole in Our Town

Yesterday I experienced first hand the result of the fire on the weekend, and was blown away. Imagine once stood here a large three storey department store, this picture is after they had pulled what was left of the facade and steel girders down. The smell was unblievably acrid and strong, and there was a big mesh fence we were standing behind (today they have covered it so you can no longer look in). Everyone was taking photo's, it is one of those times when everyone feels the same, shocked and can't believe it. Especially as none of the buildings next door burnt though they are badly water damaged. Very luckily no one was injured, but our little town isn't going to be quite the same for some time.

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michelle said...

Oh I am so sorry, how terrible. I am excited that you get to see B though!