Sunday, 2 September 2007

September = Spring + A little Football

Hello there,
Yay it's officially sping now! September means a few things for me this year, starting my new job on monday (wow I am so anxious about that!), being able to get out in the fresh air a lot more (hopefully lots of bike rides) and for some of us, the football finals (AFL of course) . I am not a huge sports person, but I will watch the occasional game on tv, I've given up completely on my team (last on the ladder, poor Tigers).

Yesterday we went with a big group of friends to support another friend play his 100th game (the grand final) for Swansea. It wasn't really much of a spring day, but it didn't matter. It was a great atmosphere and there was quite a big crowd. I have never been to a country football game before so it was an experience, when a goal is kicked everone beeps their car horns, that was kinda cool. It was fun to have a beer and a laugh and cheer them on.
There was the most amazing light on the hills on the way back, I haven't seen the countryside quite so green either, it was quite spectacular.

We ended the day with dinner with my dad and step-mother for father's day (which is today) and that was great too, we ate at my japanese tea house mmm so yum!

Spring you are most welcome if we are going to have weekends like this.
Wish me luck for monday, I think I need it.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend out there.
Catherine x


Lissa Jane said...

Good Luck with the new Job Catherine.. found your blog through Liss's blog..


Robin said...

Good luck on Monday! Hope it goes well!

Anna said...

Good luck with the new job, hope your first day went well.

Liss said...

good luck with the new job. It can always be scarey and a little stressful starting a new job.

Well spring for me...ah its a time where im feeling a fresh source of motivation. Im even getting the urge to bring my sewing machine out of the closet and try my hand a sewing a softy.