Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Working Week

Hello there,

Just a quick post tonight because I am a little tired. My job seems to be pretty good, but a bit daunting as there is so much to learn, it feels like it's been a week already. My Back2School swap goodies from Clara arrived today which was a wonderful surprise, thank you so much Clara! It included some great stationary like pens, and clips, some ribbon, and a card which is a fantastic pull apart with Tord Boontje cut outs, very cool. I will try to take some photo's to show as soon as I can. Clara your parcel is on the way so I hope it arrives soon.
I have just realised that I think my swallow broach in the above picture may be upside down....mmm...anyway it is one of my faves from Elk Accessories, they have some lovely things.
Hope everyone's having a great week.
Catherine x


Tips Of All Sorts said...

So glad that you have received the items and that you like them!
I've just received yours today and thank you for preparing all the wonderful goodies! Their photos should be ready soon.
Enjoy the rest of the work week!

Liss said...

hehe your funny. I would say its upside down!!

so many swaps happening....i wanna be in one **tantrum coming on**

maybe i should organise my own :-P

Liss said...

Join in flashback friday. Its fun :-)

you just post an old photo on fridays. Also there is a flickr group and a web surf ring.

ali said...

I love that photo, even if the bird is inverted. That gives it personality and an element of unexpectedness, don't you think? Great shot!

Hope work continues to go well for you. I'm off to check out Elk....

MissK said...

That's so cute,can you just email them and buy online?