Sunday, 9 September 2007

This weekend

Hi there,
I have been a little quiet this week, just trying to adjust to my new job. I have missed blogging and feel a bit determined to make sure that I save some time for blogging and doing some serious crafting. This weekend however I am taking it easy and chilling out, we had a few quiet drinks with friends on friday night and yesterday spent a lot of time sitting in the sun listening to music, it doesn't get much better than that I have to say. I have received two of my cd swaps and it's really exciting to listen to something totally new and different. For some reason I feel far more inclined to listen to music now the weather is lighter and warmer, I felt really quiet this winter.
The picture above is of the Tord Boontje card Clara sent me, the other goodies can be seen here.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend
Catherine x


LauraB said...

Glad the job seems to be working out ok! Have a good rest of your weekend.

Liss said...

What a perfect weekend. It sounds exactly like the type of thing I love to do. Sit in the sun...listen to music and do a little craft or read a book.

michelle said...

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend! I hope you job is going well, it is a nice time of year to make a change like that, b/c the weather changing makes you feel like a free spirit, or at least it does me!