Monday, 10 September 2007

Origami Reindeer

I stumbled across this website today and thought these bone china origami animals are so gorgeous. I haven't seen anything quite like them before, such a brilliant idea. I love origami but my skills don't extend beyond a paper crane, at least a china one would last forever. I am crazy about the reindeer, I wish they could be purchased online...sigh...

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Sarah said...

Catherine - Oh me, oh my! I got your wonderful cd! Haven't a chance to have a proper listen yet but I know I will love it. I felt a bit embarrassed though because your parcel was so wonderfully wrapped! And I adore the speckle cookie. It's almost too pretty to eat! Shelly's and my email had a glitch so I never got the address list! Anyway, I have sent all the cds now but they are nowhere near as pretty as yours. I pick you to be my sweet pen pal blog friend across the ditch. Love that blue pen too!
Can you tell how excited I am? Because I seem to have gone overboard with the exclamation marks :)
Sarah x