Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Pretty Pink

Hi there,

I started a new project this week, a little felt cosy for my ipod. I made one earlier this year a bit similar, but decided it was time for a new colour. Pink! Bright and cheerful for this time of year. My sewing leaves a lot to be desired, it's kinda frustrating for me, lots of grand ideas but completely lacking the skills to pull it off. I did enjoy making it very much and sat and watched Marie Antoinette at the same time, although perhaps it wasn't the best choice as it's such a beautiful visual film, maybe that's why my stitching is so bad (and why I choose pink)... a good excuse anyway!
I have also done a few designs for a possible gocco print, but after a few expensive failed attempts I want it to be right before I get to the printing stage.
Oh and I have a little question for my blogging friends, I am looking into purchasing a new camera, I really don't have much idea, what do you use? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hope the week is going well,
Catherine x


LauraB said...

cute idea the ipod cozy!

i'm not photography nut or anything, but i have this little olympus 6.0 pixel camera i got for my birthday and i love it. it is really easy to use, and to carry around.

MissK said...

I have a hand me down camera,a Panasonic 5 pixel camera,takes nice clear shots,good macro,and i love tht it has a large screen so you can tell exactly what you've captured.

zoesquid said...

I love your ipod cozy idea.
I might "borrow" it. Re the camera, it really depends what your looking for. I have a very basic cannon (digital) Which does the job for me (Im no professional). Good luck with it!