Sunday, 7 October 2007

Been South

Hi there,
Well I am returned from a wonderful weekend break away with a group of friends, one I realised I really did need. We went to a little town called Southport which is the southern most town in Australia. The scenery down there was stunning, I hadn't been to that area before and was quite taken aback with how beautiful it was. Particularly with the warm sun and thinking about the history of that part of the world, when French explorers camped there for quite some time in the 1790's and studied the flora and meet our native Aborigines. The area is so pristine and untouched, it was possible to imagine these events and feel a part of them.

Rd and I went on a long walk together yesterday for most of the day and enjoyed being out in the air away from everything, watching a little echidna for quite some time snuffling out some ants for his dinner, then returning and having a fantastic dinner of fish freshly caught that day by the others, enjoying a drink around the fire. I feel nicely rested and peaceful now, ready to take on a new week.


Sarah said...

It's good to get away. Glad you had a lovely time.

MissK said...

Looks like such a beautiful area,especially the beach.