Thursday, 4 October 2007

Some Catching Up

This is the nice little pile of magazines that has grown over the past week and I am yet to do more than a quick flick through each. Why is it some months all the magazines are really great, filled with so many pictures to pour over. Including Victoria's house from sfgirlbybay in real living, that I can't wait to spend some time checking out and reading what she has to say.

Life has been a bit hectic this week, it's been overwhelming in a sense, but today is thursday and I am hoping the weekend will bring some quiet time. We are off on a little break to the southern most town in Australia for a few nights with some friends, it could involve some walking but then if the weather continues as it is (blowing a gale and raining), hopefully it will involve a bit of time in front of a fire just relaxing.
I hope everyone has a great weekend xx


Liss said...

ive seen this InsideOut mag on a few looks good.

happy reading.

Sarah said...

I'm looking forward ot getting Real Living when I come to Aust.