Monday, 1 October 2007

The iPod Shuffle

This little game is from Sarah who found it via Lacy and I had to join in the fun. A list of the first 10 songs that come on your ipod in shuffle mode, deep breath I am sure something very daggy will turn up..

1. God is a DJ- Faithless
ooh I love this song, it's great when your on the treadmill, I swear I walk about three times faster when it comes on. I used to have a live version of it on tape (yep that long ago) that was really great. That's the sad thing about ipod's it's not so easy to tape things off the radio anymore.

2. A Perfect Day Elise - PJ Harvey
This is an older song for her, I really love her voice, she is so strong and confident.

3. My Favourite Game - The Cardigans
I never actually owned a whole album of their's but I really love this song. It rocks along pretty well.

4. Red Blooded Woman - Kylie Homecoming Live version
Ok here it is that something that lowers my street cred (like I had some?), I am a kylie fan. Yes from way back when I was about 8, so she has always been around one way or another, I had to have this live album 'cause I went to the concert last year. I originally had tickets for the concert that was supposed to be on her birthday in Melbourne which would have been HUGE. But ended up being at the end of last year, it was a lot of fun I loved it.

5. Know - Nick Drake
I love his voice, this is off the Pink Moon album and it's pretty mellow.

6. There There - Radiohead
Wow my ipod is actually coming up with a pretty random selection. This song was the first song they played when I saw them live a few years ago and the drums at the start put shivers down my spine, it was thrilling. I am a total Radiohead obsessive.

7. You Can't Go Home Again - DJ Shadow
The best DJ in the world, oh along with Cut Chemist. My brother lived in Melbourne a few years ago and we both discovered Shadow at the same time, we'd ring each other up and say did you listen to this bit, and what about that bit....

8. Papa Don't Preach - Kelly Osbourne
Love this song, and love this version. I lwas a fan of the Osbournes tv show, and I think she is great, a little bit bad girl, but she can sing ok

9. Recapturing the Vibe - Hilltop Hoods
Some good old Aussie hip hop, love it. It just makes me think of watching them on New Years Eve, and getting hit in the eye by a glow stick that some hippy threw. Ok so i don't have a problem with hippy's at all, but a hippy throwing a glow stick is just not cool man.

10. Amidinin - Tinariwen
Ok this one is a little random, but I really love them they are Touareg from Mali and this is just an amazing mix of modern guitar and their own traditional music. I first came across them from watching the Festival in the Desert dvd which is amazing in itself.

Here is the link for the Festival in the Desert.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I love this game. I have Kylie too. At least yours didn't come up with the Spice Girls or Nick Lachey! Funny. I'm gonna play again. I love Nick Drake too.
Oh yeah, I watched the Chaser boys take on that melbourne ad. Man, it was hilarious! that would so be me getting all tangled up. What was the drama you had with your Klaxons tickets? I am picking mine up from the venue so i hope all is ok.

Robin said...

I got your Josh Pyke in the mail...I love it! It's a great album. He is brilliant with his lyrics, harmonies, everything! Thanks again, so much! The Ben Taylor is on its way to you.

Ben Rowe said...

Not a bad little random selection there.

Hey, have you heard that you can download radiohead's new album for any price you like?

Head to their website for more details.

MissK said...

I went to the Kylie concert as well,i had never been to any of her previous concerts but it was fun.I didn't buy my tickets until later when more concerts were added.

alyson. said...

funny, "there there" came up on my list too!