Sunday, 18 November 2007

That P Word....

In Tasmania there are currently two big p words, politics and pulp mill. We live in an incredibly beautiful part of the world with so much untouched wilderness, enter numerous decades of governments determined that logging and foresty should prop up our state, and some very strong people equally determined that we should preserve this amazing landscape. One of the largest logging companies is planning to build a pulp mill and this has been aproved by our parliament in circumstances that have flaunted the process, without proper environmental standards set.

Yesterday we went to a rally with around 15, 000 other Tasmanian's, a large number for a little place like this, and attempted to make them change the decision. I felt like it was so important to be there and try to make a difference, it is worrying to think about the impact something like that will have on our future and the environment. Richard Flanagan spoke about how one person can make a difference, and it was encouraging to hear this, sometimes it can be easy to just resign yourself to the fact that change won't happen. Hopefully after yesterday those in power will listen and do the right thing.

Thanks for listening, just had to get that off my chest and write it down for myself!
Catherine xx

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