Thursday, 6 December 2007

Dear Santa

Is it just me, or does everyone suffer the same problem, when buying gifts for everyone I always find a million things I fall in love with. So here is my christmas list to dear old Santa:
1. Beautiful organic serving-ware by David Edmons, in duck egg blue naturally (definitely my most favourite colour ever!)
2. To further fuel my current love of all things with a deer motif I would love nothing more than to be greeted in the hallway by this fellow
3. Christmas calls for cheery music to get you moving, and for me this year I am hankering for some live Flaming Lips, perhaps one of the most surprising bands I have ever seen (along with the most people on stage ever). I can't wait to check out The Fearless Freaks dvd
4. La la love is a new handbag and I am smitten.
5. I love her recipies and her style, wouldn't we all love to be a domestic goddess like nigella, this book looks so lovely.


MissK said...

I love duck egg blue as well.I realised the other day I have a vase from this brand,bought it at Orson and Blake in Sydney,they had some of the blue and pistachio servingware as well last week.

ali said...

Yes, I know. I have to remind myself: spend your pennies on OTHER people, ali.

Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I were shopping for my blogging buddies.