Sunday, 16 December 2007

Top Ten: Albums 2007

Tonight on the radio we listened to the top ten albums of 2007, as voted by listeners. Always a contentious and intriguing listen for rd and myself, whether we agree or disagree and what we would put in our top ten albums for the year, it's always best to listen to what Richard Kingsmill has to say (he is the king there's no doubt!). So here is my version of my top ten album's for the year:

1. Radiohead - In Rainbows
Without a doubt they come in first, this is an album I was unsure about after the first few listens but it has grown on me so much I would have to say it is quite possibly their best ever, they let loose and are simply magnificent. Favourite tracks: Reckoner, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and Nude....all of them really.

2. Josh Pyke - Memories and Dust
A most lovely Australian singer and song writer this album will always be 2007 I suspect. Seeing him on new years eve at the falls festival and then again on my birthday with lots of friends around were big highlights. Favourite lyric: "where the cliffs stand sentry watching over me" Lines on Palms.

3. Once - Soundtrack - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
This film was my favourite of the year, but the soundtrack was as beautiful and touching in itself. Favourite songs: When Your Mind's Made Up and If You Want Me.

4. Bjork - Volta
I am still uncertain about this album, I do think it has a lot of incredible elements that are so Bjork and so creative and different and wonderful and yet in some ways for me it doesn't quite flow. I am not sure what it is but I haven't given up on it at all. Love: Bjork singing with Antony Hegarty, pure bliss.

5. Feist - The Reminder
I am sure this album would probably be in a lot of top tens out there. I am generally speaking not a huge fan of female singers, I don't know why this is (exceptions include Bjork, PJ Harvey, Neneh Cherry, and Sinead O'Connor) and now Feist, can be included as a female singer I admire, this album has some really great moments. Favourite song: I Feel It All.

6. Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
Golden Skans completely sucked me into loving this band, that song is incredible with it's harmonies the rest of the album is pretty darn good in itself! Live: short but definitely sweet!

7. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
This is a lovely quiet album, Jeff Tweedy has a great voice and although I haven't got into this album as much as I thought perhaps, I know it's something I will come back to at some stage and be amazed.

8. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
I liked some songs off their first album, but wasn't impressed with all the hype, I think this second one is much better and rocks along. Old Yellow Brick is a most incredible song, I really love it no matter how many times I listen to it.

9. !!! - Myth Takes
One of rd's finds for this year, this is such a great album makes you want to dance and definitely want to see them live. Great beats and rhythm. Highlights: Heart of Hearts and Bend Over Beethoven

10. M.I.A. - Kala
I only recently started to appreciate her work, Jimmy and Boyz, they are such summer songs. I am looking forward to playing this album on the way to the beach with the windows down without a care in the world.

So there it is, an strange mix really when I look back on it, but isn't that the beauty of music!
What is in your top ten?


LauraB said...

yes! I love it when you post about music, I have found some good new songs/bands from you. I just recently started to like M.I.A. too, you're right they are summery, funny I'm started to listen when it's winter here though :) I'm going to try out some more from your list. thanks!

Robin said...

I love those Feist, Wilco, and Once, and Josh Pyke (thanks to you on that one!:) albums.

I've gotta say "Travis: Boy With No Name" is one of my favorite albums this year. And Wisely's new one which I have listened to a lot online but technically doesn't get released until January 8!

Oh, so how did your nougat turn out?

Anonymous said...

agreed! to a few, anyway.

Now I have a couple more bands to check out....thanks!

laceyJ. said...

What a great round-up of music for this past year! Love that we had some similiarities!

Your blog is beautiful!