Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I saw these in a little shop the other day, they are so gorgeous, known as puddles and designed by the brilliant Tord Boontje, I love that they are actually quite small and are a different take on his cut outs. They look so magical and I imagine change again with lovely soft light and candles. I'm smitten.

I am also loving:
That Camilla is guest blogging here
Learning how to do this, yes I am actually attempting this myself, still loose and a little incorrect, I love the challenge, will post my own pictures soon.
citi tumblers, the eiffel tower on a glass is so simple
The genius of a corrugated cardboard wardrobe by Giles Miller.


laceyJ. said...

Way to take on the granny stitch! You can do it! Thanks for the fun links!

michelle said...

Oh very cute! I like them, his work looks so familiar but still different.