Thursday, 3 January 2008


Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful time. I had a lovely night, involving barbeques and walking on the beach at dusk atnd sipping on champagne. With the new year we are having some beautiful summer weather, clear blue skies and hot sun, which I love, definitely a summer-time person. I love that living extends outside and I could spend hours in the fresh air reading, I think it is one of my favourite past times. I spent one of my summers while I was at university doing this, just absorbing the sunshine and whatever I could get my hands on to read, breaking it up from time to time with a walk around the neighbourhood. Sigh! sometimes you really don't appreciate those moments until they are so limited, but I suppose part of their glory is looking back.

However I am so pleased, because I planted some strawberries in pots a few months ago and they are starting to ripen and turn luscious red mmm mm and they taste pretty good too!


LauraB said...

Oh how nice you're growing strawberries. When I was a kid we grew some, but our dog Jojo would run to the garden and eat them before we had a chance to! Enjoy!

laceyJ. said...

Your New Year's sounds heavenly! I wish I could walk along the beach... How fun!

leslie said...

happy new year! your strawberries look divine - the birds keep getting to mine the day before they are fully ripe. next year i'm trying them in pots, too!

ali said...

walking. on. the. beach.

No fair! But happy new year to you, all the same. Can't wait to see many a good thing come from you in 2008.